Selected Publications

  • “You’d Better Shape Up,” Says Ukraine’s Highest Commercial Court, in Invalidating Ferrero’s Trademark Registration for Product Configuration, International Trademark Association’s INTA Bulleting, October 1, 2011 Vol. 66 No. 17.
  • Competitors’ Trademarks in Keyword Advertising May Constitute Infringement. (in co-authorship with Lewis F. Gould, Jr.). Intellectual Property Supplement to The Legal Intelligencer, October 16, 2006.
  • Software Development Outsourcing: NDAs Go Beyond Intellectual Property Laws—But How Far? The Computer Law Association Bulletin, Volume 20, No. 3, 2005.
  • Russian Highest Judicial Authority in Commercial Law Issues a Letter Interpreting the 1992 Russian Trademark Act. 88 The Trademark Reporter 63 (1998)(Official Journal of the International Trademark Association)
  • Itar-Tass Russian News Agency v. Russian Kurier: Federal District Court Applies United States, Russian and International Copyright Law. 1998 B.C. Intell. Prop. & Tech. F. 042401; also in IP Litigator, Nov/Dec 1998; also in Russian Mass Media Law Bulletin No. 1-2 (41-42) 1998 (in Russian) available on-line at