Information Technology

Duane Morris lawyers have experience in transactions and litigation regarding the development, operation, licensing and failure of information technology systems, software and hardware, and the management of outsourcing projects.

The Firm's lawyers have also assisted clients in negotiating, analyzing and drafting contracts for systems/software development projects, support and maintenance, IT licensing, and outsourcing (including involvement in the development of the RFPs, the analysis of responses, and the selection of vendors) as well as intellectual property (IP) issues relating to information technology.

Duane Morris attorneys have significant experience handling outsourcing transactions, including global outsourcing and outsourcing to Russia.

Maxim A. Voltchenko, acting as Russian legal counsel, has structured offshore software development services for a major Russian company that is selling interactive educational software programs in the United States, Russia and worldwide.

Having participated in annual outsourcing and software summits in St. Petersburg, Russia, Mr. Voltchenko knows firsthand the problems and needs of the Russian outsourcing industry. Most recently, Maxim Voltchenko has also been involved in drafting agreements and contracts for telecommunication companies.